StoryBrand Certified Guide St Louis

StoryBrand has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to create a clear message, build a website that converts, and create a sales funnel to generate and nurture leads. 

Why? Because it lays out a path that allows the customer to see how their lives can be transformed from the problem they have now to the success they'll have after your business solves their problem.

At Changescape Web, we build websites for businesses that generate customers so that those businesses can grow and thrive. We use StoryBrand for ourselves too.

Key StoryBrand Concept and Terms


A 7-part, proven communication formula that includes the key elements of any successful story. When you use a BrandScript to develop your messaging your marketing will stand out from the competition and attract your ideal audience.

Your customer (the character as a hero) has a problem. They are looking for a guide (your business) who gives them a plan and calls them to action to achieve success and help avoid failure.


Your One-Liner is a concise statement you use to clearly explain what you offer. It gives you and your team a simple, repeatable way to talk about what you do in a way that your customers will care about (curiosity).


A lead-generating asset is marketing collateral created to provide value to people that aren't ready to buy from you. By offering them valuable knowledge you position your company as someone that can help them solve a problem (enlightenment). It also allows you to capture their email address, cell phone (for SMS), and name for your leads list.


A series of 5 emails to send automatically with marketing automation software after a lead downloads your Lead-Generating asset. These campaigns run 24/7 and nurture your leads to get a commitment (purchase) through the sales cycle. You should put the lead into your long-term email nurture list if the lead doesn't convert and if they do.

What to Expect From a StoryBrand Certified Guide?

Customers are looking for a solution to their problems. A clear message that aligns with the customer relationship stages as they move through the buyer's journey. These stages are:

  • Curiosity
  • Enlightenment
  • Commitment

Customers are curious how your business and how you can help them solve their problems. You have to stimulate their curiosity with a clear message about what you do that doesn't confuse them or make them work too hard.

Once the customer sees you solve their problem, they want to understand how you will solve it (enlightenment) before they buy from you (commitment).

We work with you to focus on your customer as the hero. We'll build out a Brand Message Guide that includes the following:

  • BrandScript
  • One-Liner
  • BrandScript Script
  • Home Page or Landing Page Wireframe

We'll also create a marketing sales funnel using our Customer Generation Machine® System which consists of:

  • Building the Landing Page and Thank You page
  • Creation of a lead magnet (something of value you provide to get visitors to opt-in to learn more - Enlightenment)
  • Lead Magnet Delivery (by email or SMS)
  • Automated booking calendar with reminders and no-show follow-up
  • Sales Closer Nurture Series - a five to seven email series designed to move the customer from enlightenment to commitment (the sale)

With our Sales Funnel Framework, we can give you three options:

  • Create your Brand Message Guide, and you can use that for your marketing materials and website
  • Sales Funnel in a Day - we'll conduct a day-long workshop to not only create the Brand Message Guide but also draft out your sales funnel so that you can go build it
  • Done For You Sales Funnel, including Brand Message Guide, the website home page, and the Customer Generation Machine® System

Of course, if you just need a sales funnel, you can have us build it using our Customer Generation Machine® System.

If You Confuse, You Lose

There are a lot of choices out there, and customers don't usually have the time and luxury to decipher what it is that your business does.  If your website doesn't pass the "grunt test" - where they can grunt out what your business does and the problems you solve in 3-5 seconds, you've probably lost them.

By making an investment in working with a StoryBrand Certified Guide, you'll have a clear message, stop leaking leads, and instead, generate leads that become customers.  We'd be honored to serve as your guide.

We spend many hours per month leveraging the resources provided to us as a guide, including continuing education and taking advantage of best practices shared through the guide community. We've made an ongoing investment in to become experts in implementing StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple for our customers.

Don't Be Fooled by Impostors

Many marketing consultants say they can do StoryBrand, but don't be fooled.  If they are not certified, they might not deliver what you want if you are looking for a true StoryBrand message where your customer is the hero and your business is the guide.

Too many marketing consultants create a "Brand Story", which is the story and background of your business.  

While that's important and should absolutely be on your website (about page), that's getting it wrong as your core message. Instead, you need to focus on your customers, their problems, and how you can help them solve them.