Lead Generation Packages

Focused on 5 key outcomes businesses that need: New Customers, Testimonials, Reviews, Referrals, and Loyalty

About Our Lead Generation Solutions

Lead Generation can be the life blood of an organization. We focus on the most cost effective online tactics to convert prospects to customers and evangelists.

Here are a few components and strategies essential to help your customers achieve Lead Generation success:

Marketing List Building

  • Capture Customer Contact Information when they call or email your business 
  • Capture Customer Contact Information when they fill out a form on your website
  • Build Email Marketing Lists
  • Build Text Message Marketing Lists
  • Import Existing Customers and Prospects

Local Optimization

  • Accurate and Robust Business Listings – Quality and Quantity
  • Long-tail citation development with localized and industry specific sites; building local authority

Turn Contacts into Customers

  • Generate New Customer Offers when customers contact your business
  • Generate Loyalty Offers for repeat business
  • Customer Email and Text Offers

Reputation Management

  • Stimuate Online Feedback and Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook
  • Monitor and track all aspects of their online reputation across the major review sites
  • Monitor reputation across local ecosystem for follow up

Facebook Lead Ads and Local Awareness Ads

  • Use simple, easy calls to action
  • Capture Contact Information on Facebook to generate email or text message offers
  • Use Facebook to build your email and text marketing lists

Referral Marketing

  • Provide incentives for your current customers to refer their friends, family, coworkers, and more
  • Trackable referral links to review top referring customers

Experts in Local Lead Generation

The purpose of our lead generation programs are to make the phone ring, or get customers into you business. Our programs are easy to monitor the results and to change offers delivered through email or text message marketing, or Facebook ad campaigns. Our Lead Generation Experts create effective lead generation programs, and use tried and true tactics to deliver results.

Done For You Marketing

Marketing made easy. Let the experts at Changescape focus on doing the right things to get more exposure, leads and profit.

Measurable Performance

With any of our Local SEO Packages, you get monthly strategy and reports to show you progress and to have accountability

Virtual Marketing Office

Marketing is hard, and it is changing all the time. Now marketing is technology. Leverage our expertise so you can focus on your strengths.

Which Package is Right for Your Business?

How do you know which package is right for your business?  How fast do you want your business to grow?

We're here to help.  We'll work with you to put the pieces into place to create a comprehensive Local SEO marketing solution.  Our Local SEO Packages are scaled to fit your budget to give you the most bang for the buck for your marketing investment.  

I'd had a website, but quite frankly it wasn't receiving much traffic. After working with Ken and Changescape, I've really been able to integrate not only my site, which now works by the way, but many facets of social media that I didn't even know existed. My business has done quite well, in part because of the tremendous influence that Ken and Changescape have had on marketing my business. Ken is very professional, personable, and effective at what he does. I would have no issue with recommending Ken and Changescape to others.
Guss Markwell

Ken has been nothing but exceptional in everything he has done for me. I have had Ken build a website for me, he has helped shoot video and uploaded them to YouTube and my website for me. He takes the lead and does everything for me. The website is very well done and I would highly recommend that you use his services as well!

Nate Vogel

What We Expect

We build a lead generation system for your business that builds your marketing lists by automating the process whenever someone contacts your business online or through a Facebook ad. We use a system that incorporates business intelligence to know when to send out the email or text campaigns to get the most effective engagement.

We're big believers in the Marketing Hourglass - Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer. Our lead generation system allows you to focus on the bottom half of the hourglass by automating marketing to stimulate the Try, Buy, Repeat, and Refer stages.

Adding the local optimization, reputation management, and adding Facebook ads helps make your local business more findable (Know) and trust worthy (accurate, consistent information with reviews about your business). 

* All prices are per month.

* Ad Spend is not included in the price. The client will be responsible for paying for the add spend directly.

* Minimum 180-day commitment - Why? the marketing automation tool that we use requires a minimum 6 month commitment.

** Set up fees of $200 or $300 (Gold) not included in price table above.