Lead Generation, SEO, or Both – How Do You Decide?

Online Marketing isn't easy, and neither is growing your business

Generating the right leads and turning them into customers can be a struggle. The success of your business is at stake, not only for you but for your employees and their families.

But how do you do that? There are several strategies and tactics to generate leads. This video will cover the latest solutions to generate leads and grow your business, including lead generation (paid ads), search engine optimization, social media, Google My Business, and what you need to create a conversion-optimized website.

We'll unpack each of these to provide you with a guide on what is most effective for your goals and your budget.

Three Main Learning Objectives

1. How to use annual revenue and return on investment to help you decide the right lead generation strategy

2. What the different lead generation strategies are and how they work (like Google Ads, Social Media Ads, 3rd party lead systems, search engine optimization, social media, and email and SMS marketing).

3. When to use each of these Lead Generation tactics.

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