Digital Postcard Remarketing

Digital Postcard Remarketing

Less than 5% of first time website visitors convert to become a lead or customer.  One of the best ways to stay top of mind with potential prospects is to remarket to those website visitors.  With our innovative new solution, you can use the digital intent signals of a website visitor to trigger an offline personalized postcard.

The 6x9, 4-color, 2-sided personalized postcard will be sent first-class postage and arrives at the home of the person a few days after the website visit.

Direct Mail is working and is MUCH less competitive than digital channels.  The typical mailbox receives less than 5 mail pieces a day, compared to hundreds or even thousands of impressions on digital channels.  And it's tactile, so it engages other senses too! 

Digitally Powered Postcards

Increase Conversions With the New Remail Feature!!!

Wondering how to reach a prospective buyer again since they haven't engaged with the first postcard that was sent out?  We now offer the new Remail follow-up feature, designed to help your business get those conversions

Who This Works For


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Where we’ve seen success across industries and markets where the consumer must first consider the purchase they are making. Reading online reviews, researching a product online, asking a friend or relative for a recommendation based on their experience, multiple website visits. These types of purchases all do great with our turnkey solution.

Digital Mail is the Fastest Growing Digital Channel

Automated "Trigger" Mail based on website visits is a great way to fill the digital "holes". By sending digitally powered mail, which is also personalized, within a matter of days to a warm prospect has a great Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). And in a time with competition on digital platforms is high, using personalized mail differentiates your business.

The uncluttered postal mailbox offers a more effective way to use powerful digital intent signals. Watch the video below to see how we do this.

Schedule a Consultation to See How We Can Use This For Your Business

When you schedule a meeting with us to review  if this solution is right for your business, we'll go through our Return On Investment (ROI)  calculator to map out some scenarios so you can see what's possible with out Digital Postcard Remarketing System to generate more revenue.