About Our Local SEO Marketing Solutions

SEO is complicated, and it requires using a proven strategy and a set of tactics that work in conjunction with one another to drive the strongest possible results. It requires research, tools and project management to build effective SEO campaigns. 

Marketing Jumpstart Program

Here are a few components and strategies essential to help your customers achieve SEO success:

Marketing Strategy

  • Identify Target Customers
  • Describe Value Proposition
  • Keyword Research to identify the right keywords for your business
  • Marketing Content Calendar
  • Content Management
  • Content Creation and Promotion

Search Engine Optimization

  • Audit Current Website
  • Ensure Indexibility of the pages on your website
  • Implement Site performance improvements
  • Relevance of the content
  • Build Authority – are other websites linking to your website?
  • User Experience – is the content clear to website visitors and easy to navigate
  • Optimize existing web page content for your target keywords
  • Monitor keyword performance for your site and against 3 competitors

Local Optimization

  • Accurate and Robust Business Listings – Quality and Quantity
  • Long-tail citation development with localized and industry specific sites; building local authority

Reputation Management

  • Monitor and track all aspects of their online reputation across the major review sites
  • Monitor reputation across local ecosystem for follow up

Content Marketing

  • Be a trusted source for customers and an authority for the search engines
  • Social Media posts to create the right social signals for your website
  • Blog posts optimized for local search
  • Promote original content from the website to an effective distribution network to build quality links

Experts in Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not a service or process that can produce significant results in a few days, or even a few months, like web design or software programming. A complex algorithm determines how search engines list the results for any given search term or phrase. Our SEO Experts work hard to stay on top of this, and to use only tried and true tactics to deliver results.

Which Package is Right for Your Business?

How do you know which package is right for your business?  How fast do you want your business to grow?

We're here to help.  We'll work with you to put the pieces into place to create a comprehensive Local SEO marketing solution.  Our Local SEO Packages are scaled to fit your budget to give you the most bang for the buck for your marketing investment.  

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  • Guss Markwell
    I'd had a website, but quite frankly it wasn't receiving much traffic. After working with Ken and Changescape, I've really been able to integrate not only my site, which now works by the way, but many facets of social media that I didn't even know existed. My business has done quite well, in part because of the tremendous influence that Ken and Changescape have had on marketing my business. Ken is very professional, personable, and effective at what he does. I would have no issue with recommending Ken and Changescape to others.
    Guss Markwell
  • Nate Vogel
    Ken has been nothing but exceptional in everything he has done for me. I have had Ken build a website for me, he has helped shoot video and uploaded them to YouTube and my website for me. He takes the lead and does everything for me. The website is very well done and I would highly recommend that you use his services as well!
    Nate Vogel

What We Expect

SEO isn't something that just happens. It requires planning, research and knowing the right things to do to drive results. Anyone who promises you immediate first page results is probably using black hat tactics that will only cause trouble down the road.  We never use black hat tactics.

SEO takes time.  The most successful long term strategy for SEO has been and will continue to be based on content marketing.  Content marketing focuses on Know, Like and Trust.  It can take months to start to deliver consistent results, but is typically the cheapest and most effective strategy for the long haul. That's why we ask you for a long term commitment with us.


* All prices are per month

** We recommend including lead generation to drive more immediate reults

* Minimum 180-day commitment

** Set up fees not included