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Turn your Facebook page into a Customer Attraction Machine.

Make your Business's Facebook page a customer magnet by posting Entertaining and Engaging content to your page every Day.

...without your staff having to do any of the work.


Facebook Posting Service

We create amazing Facebook content for your business that attracts
"Browsers" and turns them into Customers.

And we can post these to most social media too.

Is your Facebook Page Killing your Business?

Many business owners set up a Facebook page to grow their customer base, but quickly realize that it's not reaching many new people in the newsfeed. Because of this, they abandon work on that page and don't post any regular updates.

And every single day... 
This abandoned Facebook page slowly kills your business and brand because of the following scenario.

The Scenario killing your Business Daily.

Someone, who needs your services quickly, will be doing research on your business before they decide to schedule an appointment or come in to try out what you offer. They find your Facebook page and decide to explore it (this happens every single day whether you realize it or not).

They get to your page and see that the last post was 6 months ago and that it looks like no one is paying any attention to the page at all. This gives the impression that you don't pay attention to details in your business either. It may not be a fair comparison, but studies show that people correlate the quality of a business's Website and Facebook page to the quality of work that the business does inside of their building.

In short... Having a dead Facebook page gives the same impression as an empty parking lot or a sign that has burnt out lights.

When you're spending money and time to take care of customers inside of your business, the last thing you want to do is give the impression that your business isn't paying attention.

4 Reasons why your Business will grow Faster when you have great content posting to your Facebook Page every single day.

1️⃣ You'll show up Higher in Facebook Search.

Whether you realize it or not, people actively do searches for business types on Facebook. If you're actively posting content on your page daily, your business will show up higher in the local search rankings for that type of business. This ends up upping the value of your business and getting you in front of lots of potential new customers.

2️⃣ You'll show up in the newsfeed of Existing customers more often.

The key to getting more repeat business from existing customers is to send them subtle reminders that you still exist and that you're always ready to help them. Posting more regular content on your Facebook page means that you're going to show up in your existing page fan's newsfeed more often. This is going to result in more people coming in for a return visit, referring your business, or scheduling new business every single month.

3️⃣ You'll educate and delight Potential Customers when they "Stalk" your Business.

When people are doing their research before they call or visit your business for the first time, they are extremely likely to check out your Facebook page. If you have educational content (that is designed well), it acts as a way to attract new people to your business.

4️⃣ You'll Show people that "Attention to detail" matters in your Business.

The most important part of keeping your Facebook page active is that is conveys that you run a tight ship. A dead Facebook page gives people the impression that you don't see things through and that you don't pay attention to detail inside of your business. An active Facebook page (with great content) shows people that you are firing on all cylinders. Your Facebook page is your first impression with many potential customers. Make sure you make it a good one.

Now that we've covered why you need good content...
How can you make that a reality?

How we create "Customer Attracting" content for our Clients' Facebook Pages.

Step 1: We chat with you for 15-20 minutes about who your business is trying to attract.

Step 2: We create a set of social post that fits that audience.

Step 3: We brand each post with your business's logo.

Step 4: We schedule out 2 posts a day to make sure your Facebook page always looks attractive to potential customers who are researching your business.

Step 5: We use our state of the art systems to make sure your page never runs out of content and is always interesting (without having to charge you "an arm and a leg" to do it).

Step 6: Your Facebook Page immediately changes over from being a liability to a "customer attraction machine".

Is our "Facebook Posting Service" a fit for your Business?

If you're a Small Business Owner who wants to...

✅ Attract more New Customers.

✅ Increase business from Existing Customers.

✅ Improve your Business's rank in Local Facebook Search.

✅ Instantly upgrade your Business's Brand perception.

...This is the service that will make it a reality.

How Our Facebook Marketing  Works

Grow Your Facebook followers through our high quality posting service.

Step 1 Sign Up

Step 1: You Sign up for our Social Content and Scheduling Service.

Step 2 Branding Posts

Step 2: We brand each of our "proven to convert" posts with your business' logo.

Step 3 Post and Grow

Step 3: Amazing content is posted twice per day on your social media without you having to do anything.

Custom Built Educational and Engagement-Worthy Social Posts.

We're going to fill your page up with professionally designed and graphically pleasing content every single day. This content is designed to be educational to prospective Customers. It's also designed to help them see your business as the only choice.

All Posts Branded with your Business's Logo.

Not only are you getting amazing custom designed content for your business's Facebook page... You're also getting your logo branded across all of the content. This is how we ensure that your brand awareness grows when the content is shared (even when it is downloaded first).

This is also going to keep competitors from stealing your page's content.

New Content 2x a Day on your Facebook Page.

Every single day you're going to get a new custom post in the morning and a new custom post in the afternoon. 

This happens 7 days a week. 

We do this so that you can maximize the number of eyeballs that see your brand and content.

Examples of Our Work...

Static Facebook Social Posts

Please Note: Your Logo will replace Sample Logo on each post

Contractor Facebook Posts
HVAC Facebook Posts
Realtor Facebook Posts
Veterinarian Facebook Posts
Spa Facebook Posts
Salon Facebook Posts
Eye Care Facebook Posts
Chiropractor Facebook Posts
Dentist Facebook Posts
Fitness Facebook Posts
Insurance Facebook Posts
Auto Shop Facebook Posts
Ken Tucker Founder of Changescape Web

Ken Tucker, Founder, Changescape Web

Dear fellow small business owners,

If you're anything like most of my clients, you understand the importance of the Internet to your business's growth, but don't have the time or staff resources to dedicate to doing what you need to make it work.

You didn't work your butt off building your business and mastering your craft so that you'd have to spend hours in front of a computer everyday (and you don't want your core staff to have to spend all of their time doing online marketing task either).

All that said... You've probably realized that you can't serve people if they aren't coming to your business.

Because of that, you've got to advertise your service and do everything that you can to educate the public about how you can help them. The problem is that traditional advertising can be really expensive.

The internet is a really attractive place to get the word out about your business because it has a huge reach, and you can reach your ideal prospects without breaking the bank.

The only question is...
What actually works when trying to market your Business on the Internet?

According to research, the 3 most common ways that people find their way to a Business via the internet are...

1️⃣ They google "TOWN NAME/BUSINESS TYPE" and then head over to your website to check you out.

2️⃣ They do a search for "TOWN NAME/BUSINESS TYPE" on Facebook and then checkout your Facebook page.

3️⃣ They ask their social group for a recommendation and those people tell them about your Business.
(and then they go check out your website and Facebook page privately before they decide to call)

The Scary thing is how many potential customer get lost every month because of a bad website and/or a Facebook page that looks dead when someone searches for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't posting 2 times a day on my Facebook Page too much?

No. It's exactly the right amount.
You have to keep in mind that your page's fans won't be seeing every post that we push live. If we post 2 times a day (7 days a week), you average Facebook page fan will only see 1-2 of those post. This posting frequency ensures that you satisfy the Facebook algorithm and have maximum opportunity to get in front of your audience (while still showing new visitors that you are absolutely on top of your page).

PLEASE NOTE: Because you're the administrator of your page, you'll see a higher number of your page's posts in your newsfeed.
(you audience won't see as many posts as you do).

How long does it take to get started once I sign up?

We are fast.
When you click below and get started, it takes us around a week to get all of your content created and to get new posts up on your page. From that point forward, you're going to see new content hitting your page 2 times a day. New content starts posting within 7 days and your "page makeover" typically is done within 2 weeks.

Do I have to sign a contract to start using this Service?
Only if you want to!
We have some clients that like to have a contract in place when they get started with our services. We can provide that and get everything ready for you.

That said...
If you hate contracts as much as most of clients (and don't want to get locked into anything), we don't require them.

You can use our service month to month.
We just ask that you give us a 30 day notice if you're going to cancel your account.

What happens if I want to post on my own page (or delete something)?
The best part of our service is that you still retain 100% control of your page. You can posts, change, or delete anything that hits your page at any time without interfering with our service.

You retain full control of your page.

Is your Service Facebook Safe?
We're a stickler for the rules on Facebook and will never do anything that would put your page at risk.

What do I do if I have a question (or need to make changes) once we get started?
You can contact us anytime!

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