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Real Producers Top Agent Podcast

Welcome to Real Producers Partners Podcast. This podcast is done in conjunction with the Real Producers STL, Metro East, Milwaukee, New Orleans, and Chesapeake Bay and focuses on our top performers and partners and their successes, stories, and challenges. We'll talk with the Top Realtors in each market, as well as their partners who support real estate and home services. The Real Producers Partners Podcast is produced by Changescape Web.

Who can be a guest? The top realtors in each market as well as the preferred partners in each market: STL, New Orleans, Metro East, Milwaukee,  and Chesapeake Bay.

You should receive an email with the date and time. Once we confirm the booking, we will notify you. NOTE: All booking requests require confirmation and approval - you will be notified when the booking has been approved.

We are doing Facebook Live using Streamyard.  We will send you a link to join the Livestream (using Streamyard).  Joining the Facebook Live is easy and doesn't require you to download any software! See Guest Instructions here. Since Facebook will only allow us to schedule 7 days in advance, we'll send our guests the invitation to join the livestream as soon as we create it.


We currently support the following locations with our podcasts (including Milwaukee):

St Louis Real Producers
Metro East Real Producers
New Orleans Real Producers
Chesapeake Real Producers
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We interview Real Producer Partners to learn more about their businesses.  The podcast is livestreamed as video to Facebook and YouTube, as well as published as a podcast on all popular podcasting platforms. All episodes will be available on the appropriate Real Producer websites.

Scheduling Your Podcast Appearance is Easy

Select a time on the calendar that works for you, then complete the form to schedule your appearance. We know it's a lot of information but fill it out as best you can.  The more thorough you can be the faster we can all hit the ground running!

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