Duct Tape Marketing Partner Offer

Marketing Package Implementation

Ken Tucker (Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant) and his team at Changescape Web take care of the back-end implementation for your Marketing package implementations. This includes the tools and the services to fully implement the Marketing package for you to provide a turnkey solution for your clients.

We really like implementing the packages.  We have all of the tools, and we have processes to make the handoff as easy as possible.

Package Specifics:

The Changescape Web team will coach you through the initial strategy and content planning meetings (if needed). The consultant will be responsible for the documentation of the Strategy and Content planning meetings, the keyword content plan, and the editorial calendar with input from the Changescape Web team. The consultant will also provide input to the Changescape Web team on the creative brief that will be provided to set up content writers and social media posting through Emphatic.

The consultant will be responsible for all client meetings such as reporting and quarterly review meetings. The Changescape Web team will provide recommendations, including upsell opportunities. We can also be available if needed to provide remote support for an explanation of the reports and for strategy conversations*.

The Changescape Web team will provide all tool licenses and costs.  This includes tools such as: UpCity, Yext, Grade.us, Emphatic, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and BuzzSumo, as well as the cost of the blog writing service (if we aren’t writing them).

Changescape Web will take care of ongoing monthly deliverables:

  • 2 blog posts and 50** social media posts created and posted through done by our team
  • 2 email marketing blasts per month harvested from the blog posts and popular social media posts
  • 4 hours per month of done for you SEO
  • directory management through Yext (or other tools in lieu of Yext as needed including BrightLocal)
  • set up and manage the review funnel and the review web page
  • set up and schedule the monthly reports
  • set up and management for Facebook Ads or Google AdWords for an additional fee (may include landing page creation, ad creation and targeting, and ongoing ad management)

We can white-label all reports for you if requested.

Changescape Web Price for DTMCN – starting at $1497/mo. If you already have some of the tools, or want to do some of the components, contact us for custom pricing.

* For strategy, content, and client review meeting support – $80-$150/hour (includes prep time)

** For social media posting, we recommend opting for 20 handcrafted posts and shifting the focus to boosting blog posts (allocating a monthly ad budget of $35 for each blog post)

Monthly SEO Services Package available as well, starting at $1000/mo

Online Presence Audit Report Generation and Analysis

Changescape Web can also run the reports needed for the Total Online Presence Audit (TOPA). We have all of the tools needed to run the reports, as well as reports we can produce from BrightLocal.

We can even analyze the reports and walk through our findings with you.

Changescape Web Price for DTMCN – $450/audit.  If you want our analysis and walkthrough, the Changescape Web Price for DTMCN – $550

NOTE: If you hire us for implementation services (greater than $1000/mo) then we’ll apply $200 from the TOPA to the monthly implementation services in month 6.

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