Homepage Checklist for Roofers

The 15-Point Checklist to Make Your Roofer  Homepage a Lead Generation Machine

Websites need to be more than online brochures - they need to be lead generation machines!

Download The Free 15-Point Checklist to Make Your Homepage a Lead Generation Machine and Discover Where Your Homepage Falls Short and What You Can Do About It Right Now!

Isn't It Time Your Website Becomes More Than an Online Brochure?

  • Does your homepage pass the grunt test? Is it clear within second what you do?
  • Do you feel like your website isn't performing as you had hoped?
  • Do you feel like your website homepage is cluttered and confusing?
  • Does your homepage effectively serve as your 24/7/365 always-working sales representative where customers and prospects decide it they engage your business?

Having the right homepage elements is key to visitors staying on your site and taking your call to action. Some of the key elements include:

  • Clarity on What Your Business Does and Who You Serve
  • Your Companies Promise
  • Mobile-Friendly and Secure
  • Your Call to Action - What You Want Site Visitors to do (e.g. Schedule estimate)
  • Trust Elements
  • Problems You Solve
  • Core Services
  • Easy Navigation
  • Plus much more...


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