Reputation Marketing

Turn your online reviews into powerful marketing assets that can be shared across social media and the rest of the web!

Online reviews are incredibly important. They play many important roles for your business such as:

  • Provides Social Proof
  • Allows Potential Customers to see what it's like to do business with you
  • Helps with Search Rankings and Google Maps results
  • Gives you an opportunity to show your customer service 
  • Gives you valuable feedback on how you did
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There are several levels to "Reputation Management" to include:

  • Monitoring what people are saying about your business online, on forums, social media, and review sites
  • Actively asking your customers/clients/patients/subscribers for feedback and online reviews
  • Responding to ALL reviews online
  • You sharing your reviews on social media sites and displaying them on your website
  • Getting your customers to advocate for your business online, by email or social media
  • Creating Reputation Videos that can be posted on social media sites, YouTube, and your website
    • Getting your customers to do or be in a Reputation Video for your business (a testimonial)
    • Having a professional spokesperson do a Reputation Video for your business

As you (or your customers) share your reviews and Reputation Videos on the web is where you move from simply doing Reputation Management to Reputation Marketing.

Reputation Marketing is one of the best things you can do to grow your business

Reputation Marketing Videos

Here are real examples of Reputation Video done as Customer Testimonials

Here are real examples of Reputation Videos using real customer reviews pulled from online review sites, including one done with Professional Spokesperson

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