Small Business Marketing Solutions

For an online marketing campaign to be truly effective, it needs planning and structure to succeed, and so Changescape offers Marketing Strategy Services.

First we help you develop a strong online brand, which serves as the foundation upon which the four pillars are built.  We then promote your brand through multiple online marketing channels to maintain a consistent, cohesive message.  These various tactics support each other, and the overall marketing strategy, to produce optimal results.
1)  Content Marketing:  We help your business create remarkable content–content that is relevant to your customers and that will be found by the search engines.  Using a robust content management system, we write keyword-rich content that is regularly added to your website via blogs, press releases, and social media posts.
2)  Search Engine Marketing:  We ensure that all facets of your website are properly designed to optimize your rank with Google, Bing, and other search engines.  Search Engine Marketing includes both organic and paid (pay-per-click) search.
3)  Social Media Marketing:  We integrate Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+ and other social media platforms into your web strategy, and help your business develop lasting relationships with your clients.
4)  Online Public Relations:  We promote your business to media outlets, trade publications, and social media portals to increase your customer reach online, and to add inbound links to your website.  We also offer online reputation management services.