Social Offers Upgrade

Imagine if we could light up your social media so that every social post could generate leads 24/7!

One of the reasons we want content continually going out on you social media channels is to be able to generate leads.

With social offers, every social media post that we do includes a link to an offer your provide! So when someone clicks on the link in the post, regardless of the website, your offer display in the corner of their page. Each optin get a 100% unique coupon code plus you get a coupon redemption management system.

Here's how Social Offers Works:

Social Offer Example

1️⃣ We create and schedule your social offer.

We set up your social offer campaign. This includes scheduled dates, limits on the offer, product or service, the discount offered, and the redemption process. Every piece of content we post will have your offer link based on the social media campaign we set up!

2️⃣ When a person clicks on your posts, we display your offer on the destination website.

This is HUGE. One of the frustrations that many small business owners is that many social media posts aren't taking people to their website. But people who engage with your page and your content are looking for value - the fact that you share information that helps them means that they attribute that expertise to you because you decided to share that piece on content.

BUT NOW, YOUR OFFER shows up on all those pages where the content you share resides! This helps you not only stay top of mind but is a fantastic way to generate leads. And there are several options available to display your offer.

3️⃣ When they click on your offer, there is an optin page and an unique redemption code to claim the offer.

Build your list, generate leads, and manage and track redemptions. Now they are in your list and you can put them into an email or SMS (text) follow-up sequence. Upsell them, stay in touch, follow-up with them to make sure they take advantage of the offer.

Every Social Media Post Turns Into A Revenue Opportunity!

Only $200/month!

Still Have Questions?

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