November 18

Is Face to Face Networking Dead? Part 2

The web is a big equalizer for small businesses.  Your business can get found by creating remarkable content – that is – interesting content that people want to share.

This approach, called Inbound Marketing, uses content to draw people to your business when they are looking for your product or service.  The more content you create, the more opportunity you have to be found.

It is important to keep in mind three things: Create great content, optimize it for search, and promote it throughout the web.

Every time you create content on the web, it creates an opportunity for you to optimize it.  It creates an opportunity for someone to share it.  It creates an opportunity to link to it.  Regularly creating new content maximizes the chances that your site will be found on the web by potential customers.

If you have a five page website, this means that you have pages people can link to.  Let’s say that each page has 10 links to it from other sites – that’s 50 links for your website.  If you had twenty-five pages with 10 links per page, that’s 250 links.  Links are usually very important for helping your site be found by potential customers.  The more content you have, the more opportunity you have for other websites to link to it.

Promoting the content you create helps to accelerate the process, so make sure that you develop and implement a strategy to do so.  This is where social networking sites can be very helpful.

Marketing has changed a lot over the last few years.  More and more people are searching the web to find products and services.  Potential customers are searching when they are ready to get information, to request a quote, to find a place to eat, or to have someone come to their home or office to solve a problem.  Being able to be found on the web has become critical for virtually every type of business.

Is Face to Face Networking Dead?  No.  But creating content to make your business more findable on the web is a very effective alternative or as a great way to amplify traditional networking methods.

This is a continuation of Face to Face Networking Dead? Part 1.



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