October 21

GO SEO or GO HOME – Search Engine Optimization – FALL SEMINAR 2015


QUESTION: What is a CRITICAL element for your business to be successful?

ANSWER: Being “found” when a potential customer performs an Internet search for YOUR product or service.

The buying behaviors of customers are rapidly changing and YOUR company MUST change right along with them.


  • Google now sees MORE THAN HALF of its 100 billion monthly searches occurring on mobile devices.  Source:  Google’s Amit Singhal, Sr. VP of search, The Verge
  • 57% of a typical purchase decision is made BEFORE a customer even talks to a supplier.  Source: CEB
  • 59% of consumers use Google to find reputable businesses.
  • 80% of local searches result in an IN-STORE visit, phone call, or purchase.

Make certain YOUR business is well positioned for 2016!

Join Ken Tucker, Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, for


“Search Engine Optimization”

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The recording focuses on developing an effective online presence to make YOUR business more findable online. This is commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To address improving SEO, there are five components that MUST be in play. When done in conjunction with each other, these five AMPLIFY each other:

  • Managing and updating business directory listings
  • Online Reputation Management
  • SEO tasks for your website
  • Blogging/Social Media
  • Online advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads)

We also address what we call “local search” – where a potential customer types in a product or service they wish to learn more about, and they would like the location of the business included. For a store-front business, this is a very important aspect of SEO.

SEO is not “static” – the search engines constantly change their algorithms. When this happens, YOUR COMPETITORS adjust their SEO to improve their rankings. Don’t be left out! You must constantly update YOUR SEO to remain in the game.

This investment in your business will help your business attract and gain more leads.

Sign Up today to watch the recording and make sure your business is ready for 2016!


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