Intake Form Submission Page

Thanks for trusting Changescape Web to help you with your marketing and to grow your business!

Please submit the form below with to intake information we need to get started working on your marketing program.

For your convenience, the intake forms we need you to complete are included below (click to open or right-click to save):

  • CSWeb Tools Competitors Partners Intake Fillable Form - this form is used to collect information to access your accounts, identify your ideal customers for potential interviews (great for value proposition and differentiation, and more
  • CSWeb Intake 2 - Directories - this information helps us set up your Name Address and Phone information as well as to ensure we have the right point(s) of contact and their preferred method of contact
  • Strategy and Design Questions for Website - this is the information we like to have from you to build your website and create your marketing strategy
  • Website Policies Waiver - this form is required and specifies if you are using your own website policies or using our solution to create living website policies that are updated as the laws change

We know it's a lot of information but fill it out as best you can.  If you don't know something, leave it blank or indicate that you think you have that account but don't know the login info. The more thorough you can be the faster we can all hit the ground running!

Once you have completed the intake forms, please submit them using the form below (attach the forms in the specified fields)