September 19

Collaboration Tools Presentation and Demo

In this collaboration tools presentation, Ken Tucker of Changescape Web covers Asasa (project and task management), Eventbrite (event management and promotion), Lua and Bonfyre (both are private messaging applications). Asana and Eventbrite were both demo’d. The presentation was done for the St. Charles County Chambers of Commerce Technology Committee September 2016.

Transcription of the Collaboration Tools Presentation and Demo:

Ken Tucker: What I’m going to talk about is Asana and we use this internally at Changescape in house to communicate with each other back and forth on the tasks that we’re working on. Don, I believe you said that you use this as well. We use the free version. I know we’re operating a little bit at risk with that, but it’s a fantastic tool. I’m going to demo a little bit about it. I’ve created just a simple little project and we’ll add some tasks. The free version has worked fantastically well for us. I say that the only time I’ve ever had down time with this tool is when I was first putting together this presentation. Of course. It was only down for maybe an hour, an hour and a half, so it really wasn’t a bad situation. It was certainly inconvenient, but it was something we could work around.


I didn’t realize this. They may have upgraded this recently because I was thinking that you kind of maxed out with the free version at like 10 users, but they actually say you can get 15 free users for free. It is a cloud based system so you do have to have access to the internet. They’ve got a pretty decent phone app that can work. The nature of this kind of stuff is it doesn’t always lend itself to … I mean because you’re looking at multiple layers of stuff so the user interface is a little bit limited on the mobile app, but you can get notifications if somebody assigns a project to you or if they have a comment or a question about something that they’re working on that they need your help or input on. You can get that notification sent to your phone or to your email, either one. If you did want to upgrade, they do have a deal going right now. Five dollars, per user, per month. I think you may have to have at least five users to be able to get in at that plan level.
That adds the task dependencies so on of the biggest issues I have with Asana, two issues really, is that it doesn’t have the ability for me to do workload balancing. I might inadvertently load up a person with a bunch of tasks that are all due on the same day without consideration of how much work they had, how many hours they’d have to actually work to get that done. I don’t think that happens too often. Paul, you can correct me if I’m wrong. The other thing it doesn’t have is it doesn’t have in the free version, when you complete a task, to automatically send a notification that the next begin. That’s where you have to pay for the upgrade.
You can use it to create tasks, assign tasks, set due dates. You can create recurring tasks, you can take a copy of a project, make a copy of that to use as a template so that if you … like we deliver marketing packages where we do a lot of the same things every month for clients. We can actually take that project and make a copy of it and then we already hit the ground running with a set of tasks that we need to start doing for our clients. You can upload files to specific tasks. This is pretty handy. You can pull from Google Drive which we use a lot. You can pull them directly from your computer. If you do pull it from Google Drive you have to make sure that that file is shared with the person that that task is shared with as well or they won’t be able to view it. It also works with Dropbox and Box.
Another great feature that I love because we don’t currently use a full blown help desk solution so I get a lot of requests for updates on things that we do from my clients. All I do is I take that email and I forward it to this email address right here and it automatically goes in to my assigned tasks and then I just go in to Asana and I assign it out to the right person or I add some notes to it if I need to or I can set a due date. That’s a really handy feature and it makes it a lot easier. I know we’ve used Zen Desk in the past where you can take customer emails and turn those directly in to work tickets, but Asana, basically when they have that capability we didn’t see the need to continue using Zen Desk. Although Zen Desk was a great solution.
You can search teams, you can create projects, you can have different teams that you create, you can have different work spaces so I think I actually have 5 or 6 different work spaces in my Asana. I’ve invited different people to different work spaces. I suppose if you were getting your clients or third party vendors or partners that you work with involved, you could probably just create a new workspace and operate that way. A little bit of a pain probably to have to hop back and forth between the workspaces, but I think that’s possible. You can also incorporate a tagging feature in here if you want. I don’t really use that very often personally, but it is a handy way to make it a little bit more searchable.
I’m going to show that here in just a minute. I’m going to give you my slides first. I’m also going to talk a little bit about Eventbrite. Eventbrite is a great event management system so you can create an event, put it out there on the web. It gives you great widgets to embed on your website. It gives you ticketing features. It’s free to use if you have a free event. If your event is a pay event, you can either absorb the cost of the fees. There’s a fee to Eventbrite to use it. There’s also a credit card processing fee or you can choose to pass one or both of those along to your customer. You guys probably all bought concert tickets. Whenever you buy a concert ticket, they always charge you the extra cost for the handling fee and whatever fees that they have and that’s basically what Eventbrite could do for you if you didn’t want to build in the fee in to your ticket price.
Interestingly enough, creating a page for your business on Eventbrite and giving it a user friendly URL actually can rank really well for search. If somebody does a search for your company name, your Eventbrite page might something that shows up on the first page there. Part of the challenge of search engine optimization is to try and dominate and take up as much space on the first page as possible. Your best opportunity to do that is obviously when it’s tied to your company name typically. Again, it’s a good place to do that. Like I said you can take the widgets and embed them right on to your website so people can actually buy tickets using the Eventbrite facilities without even leaving your website so that’s a really nice feature. It integrates really well with Mail Chimp for email marketing purposes. If you’re a Mail Chimp fan, that’s great. Mail Chimps a great free email marketing solutions. It also integrates with Facebook events. You can actually set up your Facebook event and if you do have tickets or you do want to cap your reservation because you think you might sell out to the event even if it’s free, you can hook your Eventbrite event and when Facebook event says buy tickets, that actually can just go right to your Eventbrite event that you could …
Female 1: Do you think you could use that for like a high school reunion?
Ken Tucker: Sure.
Female 1: Does it cost money? I mean I know it costs money, but I mean like the basic stuff it should be …
Ken Tucker: It only costs money if you’re charging a price for your ticket.
Female 1: We would be charging a price for the tickets so …
Ken Tucker: So then you just add on …
Female 1: Add on? Okay.
Ken Tucker: Yes. You just add on to the price of the ticket to cover the Eventbrite fees and the credit card processing fee. The nice thing about this too is, if you don’t have an easy way to take credit cards on line, this is going to solve that problem for you. For a lot of businesses they may not have a very frequent need for that to happen, but maybe they do have events that they need to have people pay a little bit of money for to help cover the costs or whatnot. It’s a great solution for that. Then, it has a nice app that you can actually check people in at an event so you can actually just scan the barcode on each and every ticket and it will automatically check people in if you wanted to do that. Really powerful solution. It’s one of these tools for free. It’s just ridiculous all of the features that you get. Everything that I talked about is available with the free or the … well there’s really no paid version. You only pay for it if you’re charging a fee for your tickets. It’s the same feature set across the board. I’ll show a little bit about Eventbrite here in just a minute.
I’m going to talk about a couple of other tools. This is a tool I use. It’s called Lua. Since I’ve used it, it looks like maybe they’ve really changed the scope of what they do to be very heavily focused on the healthcare industry. It’s a private, very secure messaging system and you can actually … I used it at an event that I went to, the Climate Reality Training, the former Vice President, Al Gore, does a couple of times a year. We had about 500 people at this event. I was one of the mentors so I worked with two teams of ten to kind of help them to get oriented to developing an action plan of what they were going to do after the training and communication and coordination during the training. You can send email broadcasts to groups or subgroups that you can set up and create, it’s real time messaging so it makes it real easy to send a group message out to people. You can share files. You can actually even call from inside this app. I don’t think we used that feature when I used it maybe 2 1/2 years ago, a year and a half ago. If we have time, we might go back and watch these videos, but I’ve included the videos.
Female 1: Is it just on your desktop or is it just on your phone or can you use it on both?
Ken Tucker: You can use it on both.
Female 1: Both?
Ken Tucker: Yes. The medical industry, it’s really convenient for them, because if they need like if there’s a care team working to provide care for an individual and there’s some critical things that are happening or some very timely thing that they need to get communicated all across the hospital, this can be a great solution. It’s secure, they’ve got it to where it’s HIPAA compliant so that’s nice. If it’s HIPAA compliant, it’s probably good across most industries that would be looking to use something like this.
It doesn’t really fit my need, but originally when we started thinking about this, I was thinking how cool would a tool like this be at a Chamber general membership meeting where you could do polling. You could send messages, you could play little game and engage your members a little bit or if you did like the Greater St. Charles County Chamber has been doing with their summits that last a little bit longer or the Fuse Event, you could say starting at 3:30 the Tech Com Group is going to be meeting in such in such room and you can broadcast that out to everybody at the event.
That’s really why we included this and as a result of the fact that I couldn’t find pricing, and I suspect it’s probably not cheap, I did some other searching and I found a tool called BonFyre which is, I’ve heard about, I’ve known about it for quite a while. It’s actually a company based in St Louis. Some of their biggest clients are Commerce Bank and Express Scripts. It’s a private group chat function as well. You can use it at the enterprise level or you can just use it for free off of the app and there’s a desktop version for groups fewer than 100. I created a simple little group that Paul and I were just playing around with sending messages back and forth. You can share files, but I think this could be a great substitute for … because honestly if you have a 150, 200 people, 300 people going to your Chamber function are more than 100 of them actually going to be using the app? Maybe, maybe not. I would hope so, but if they’re not, you fall under the 100 user threshold, this could be a great solution to play around with and see and they’re a local company in St. Louis so that’s kind of cool. They say that the biggest use for the paid version is for employee communications.
Female 1: That’s what we’re looking for. We’re in the financial industry and we’re not legally allowed to have any messaging. I can’t go on Facebook and say I need you to come here. I can’t even get on … any of our platforms that we are provided with don’t have any instant messaging because there’s no way to archive it. My Mom can be on the phone, I can hear she’s in distribution but, I have to wait and wait and wait and then she finally says hold and then she yells at me, Anna, I need you to place distribution on this account. I was like how, and I’m like okay. Then she gets up on the phone and I have a question so she’s put on hold again where I want to be able to just message her and be like okay, I need to know this. She doesn’t have to stop consta … you know …
Male 1: Is this HIPAA compliant?
Ken Tucker: I don’t know if it’s HIPAA compliant, but Express Scripts using it and Commerce Banks is using it so I suspect that there are probably some security considerations baked in to it.
Female 1: Right. I want to talk to our broker/dealer and see if they can’t work something out.
Ken Tucker: Yes. Yammer. Is that what Microsoft took over? Yammer which is …
Male 2: I don’t think they bought Yammer. I know Yammer is deeply integrated with Microsoft.
Ken Tucker: Yes, I thought they actually bought it. I don’t know if that would be … but since that’s integrated in to probably work even in a Microsoft email environment then maybe Yammer is something that you could get approved. We had that down on our short list of things to talk about, but I haven’t used it since it originally came out.
Female 1: It’s one of those things where I just talked to one of the representatives from our broker/dealer and he’s in tech and he’s like we’re not even allowed to instant message, we have to email so …
Ken Tucker: Okay. Yes. We’ve got a couple of other … I guess one other tool. I’ll just go through those slides and then I’ll go show you guys a little bit about how I use the Asana and a little bit about Eventbrite. If we still have a little bit of time, if you guys don’t have any questions and you want to stick around we can watch some of these videos, but you’ll have the slides so you can actually go … and we’ll give you an electronic version of the slides so you can just click on the link instead of having to type in these fun YouTube URLs.
Palaroo, which actually is a local company here in St. Peters. I didn’t know anything about it, but apparently the Greater St. Charles County Chamber used if for Sip and Savor. If you have any questions about how to use this, I’d recommend talking to Lori at the Greater St. Charles County Chamber. We’ll just kind of step through a couple of the slides. It looks like it’s basically for event planning and I guess it maps out locations of booths and things like that if you have a trade show or the kind of event like a …
Female 1: This Oktoberfest on the Riverfront will have some too.
Ken Tucker: Okay, cool. Here’s just a screen snapshot. I guess this is probably from Sip and Savor.
Female 1: Yes.
Ken Tucker: A little bit hard to read, but you can see where all the individual booths were.
Female 1: Yes and if you click on it, it will bring up the actual name a little bit bigger so you can actually see what it is.
Female 2: Yes it was pretty neat. I had that app and you were able to zoom in and see exactly who was where so if you really wanted to taste a particular vendor, then you could find them easily.
Ken Tucker: Okay cool.
Female 1: The only thing with this app that I wish they would do is I wish they would keep it around. I’m like, you know, what is that booth that was there and I can’t go back to that map. That’s the only downfall I think.
Male 1: That’s exactly what I was trying to get at. If you’re e going to build some collaboration software and ask your clients to use it, you’ve entered in to that agreement with them and they seem to have violated that agreement.
Female 1: I had a barbecue pork taco was delicious, but I don’t know remember which booth it was at. There were so many booths.
Ken Tucker: If you find out let me know.
Female 1: You like it too?
Ken Tucker: I do, yes.
Female 1: It was very good, it was one of the best.
Ken Tucker: Cool. All right. I guess this is just the set up screen when you’re going in and creating the event. It’s pretty straight forward, just putting in a little bit of information. This is, when we get to the Eventbrite, it’s going to look very much like this.
Female 2: One of the things that Lori was telling me about when she’s was talking about Palaroo is that I know that you can do alerts so that anybody that says that they’re going to your event will get an alert. If something is starting at this booth, you can send out the alert in the back and the people will …
Ken Tucker: Could be app as long as they have the notification turned on.
Female 2: Push notification. Yes.
Ken Tucker: Yes. As long as they have the notification turned on.
Female 1: While you’re getting in to the thing, I was just thinking about all of a sudden I realized when you were talking about the project management and everything, we use Redtail and the CRM so you can put all your customer relationship information in there, but we can also do tasks. Like jobs where if we have a client coming in we can name it reviews so every time we have a client come in for a review, we click review, we can add the clients in and then we can add who needs to do what and so [Danny 00:18:55] puts them in a conference room. All right. She marks it complete then it goes to me and tells me what I need to do. Say that client ends up rescheduling, we can click another box that says reschedule and then it goes to the top and says no, reschedule, call client reschedule and then it starts the whole process over again. It was pretty cool, I just thought of that that we use Redtail for that kind of stuff.
Female 2: Redtail is your CRM software?
Female 1: Mm-hmm (affirmative) We also have our email hooked to it so we email out of it. We also use ours so it automatically go in to our Outlook email and then when we send a client an email, we can always go back in to their client information and all those emails come up so we don’t have to search for it.
Ken Tucker: Yes. We’re starting to use Active Campaign which is CRM email marketing solution that has some task features built in to it. It’s better for the deal tracking side of things, from like a sales and marketing perspective and just putting all of your customer contact information in one place, but I love Asana. I think it’s just super easy to use. We get a lot out of it.
One thing I want to show you first is you can actually create these sections of your project, if you will. All you do to do that is you just put a colon at the end and bold it and now it will indent all of the tasks down below it. If I say something like generate monthly reports and I create that, now I can go back down here and since this is a monthly task, I can go and I can pick a date that I want to do it from, where’s the uh, here it is, and now I can set a time to repeat. Once you mark this off for the the month, it will automatically create your new task. You can go in here and you can say perform monthly on whatever day of the month and now it’s go recurring tasks. If you mark it as complete, it will just automatically complete the next month’s tasks.
I can come in here and I can assign people tasks. This is only for the people that have been invited in to this work space. I set this up as a demo for Paul. I’m going to assign this task to Paul. Paul can actually come in here and he can write comments when he gets notification. He should have gotten a notification that this task was assigned to him and he can now come in and he can provide updates as he’s working on this to say I tried to run such and such report, but the data wasn’t available yet so I’m going to put this off until next week. Whoever is following this task would get a notification of that. We could actually add additional people to this task as followers and they would get notification. That might be handy, again, even thought we don’t have the task dependency capability coming up, if there was something that somebody else knew was going to be triggered once the monthly report was complete, just to have a heads up to say this task is marked complete, now I can go do my job, without the automatic notification that you get with the task.
Male 1: Can you go up to that third light icon above your item?
Ken Tucker: This one?
Male 1: Yes.
Ken Tucker: Yes. Sub-tasks.
Male 1: Sub-tasks. Does that bring me my window?
Ken Tucker:












No. I’ve created some sub-tasks actually. Yes. Right here. This is doing search engine optimization services so one of the things that we would do under that heading would be … one of the first things that we would do for a new client is to do some kind of a local SCO and website audit. We’d go in and do a few different things. We’re going to take a look at their website, we’re going to see if there’s anything that’s structurally an issue. We’re going to take a look at their information architecture to see how the content that they’ve put together maps to the key words, maps to the URL, and make sure that they’re not stepping on each other. For example, with Word Press you can have tags and you can have categories, you can have pages, you can have posts and if you say SEO is a tag and a category and a page and then you wouldn’t do it probably for a blog post, but you might be competing against yourself within your own website for that key word phrase.
Male 1: Let’s say you click on that website review and when you do that brings it up, that doesn’t bring it up into the top …
Ken Tucker: Well, on a sub-task what I can do is I can go over here and I can click on add notes so if I had here’s what we need to go do for this review, I can type those in. When I create the …
Male 1: That’s a sub-tasks of the task.
Ken Tucker: Yes, then to get back to that level, you just have to hit the task again and now I can assign it and give it a due date right here. One thing that I don’t think it does or if it does it’s not super obvious to me, is if there is a note for that sub-task, it doesn’t give you a visual indication.
Male 2: I’ve never seen it, no.
Ken Tucker: It might, but it doesn’t jump out at me to do that. Another thing that you can do is you can attach files to this so we’ve got a local audit check list of things that we can walk through, to just kind of go through, run a series of queries, and this is our own guidance executing this task. Whoever assigned to it, they’re going to go and work through the items that are on this check list. It’s kind of nice from that perspective to be able to use it in that way.
Male 1: It does search well because you can take those notes and sub-tasks and just type it up in a search bar something related to a date or and then go all the way down to that level and search.
Ken Tucker: Yes. Some more sub-tasks so Paul’s got a Google 360 camera so I’m going to assign this task to me because I don’t have it. He won’t let go of it so I’m going to assign that task to him and then we can set a due date and this is going to be the 360 view. You can do it from the street view, you can do it internally. You can also take some of these and stitch them together to create virtual tours. Google, if you Google my business page, which is your Google business listing page, absolutely loves it for SCO purposes, super important to think about doing. Only a handful of people in the area that are certified to do. If you’re interested we’re doing it really, really cost effectively right now because you’ve got to build up a portfolio to be able to be approved. I can assign out a due date and I can say, I can even type in a note to just say anxious, if I could type. Just press the comment. I can add a follower, it won’t be very meaningful here because I haven’t added anybody else to this workspace, but I could add somebody else if I had invited them to the workspace.
Male 1: It can outside people too
Ken Tucker: It can be outside people. Yes. We just tend to use this internally for the time being. If I had a project where I needed to have full client collaboration I would look at a solutions like Active Collab like Art talked about or Base Camp or something like that. I think Base Camp is probably going to be one of the cheapest cloud based solutions because I don’t think it costs you anything additionally to add new users.
Male 1: The thing about Base Camp though is it looks really sexy until you get in and start to use the complex things and you find out they are very limited. They lack a lot of the structured data features that more advanced systems have that are current so it’s pretty easy to top out of Base Camp and find it doesn’t support where you need them.
Ken Tucker: Okay. I didn’t want to show you real quick how you copy this project. You just go up here, click on the drop down under the project name, you can copy this project, you can specify what you want to do. You can even say if you already had done the assignments or the tasks and said who the followers were. You could choose to do those as well. I might have somebody else do some of these tasks so it’s now being copied and it will show up down here under my project window. It might take just a second.
Male 2: It should have responses I sent you.
Ken Tucker: Which task is that?
Male 2: New client project … well I replied to both of them actually.
Ken Tucker: For this one?
Male 2: Yes.
Female 1: It says one next to it.
Ken Tucker: Oh, did it?
Female 1: It did.
Ken Tucker: Yes. So here’s Paul’s response.
Female 1: Don’t know if it will do it now that you’ve, you know, if you add someone?
Ken Tucker: Okay, cool. I guess that’s going to show that it’s more of a comment, but it doesn’t show you that there’s any more description there for you. While that project’s being created, let’s hop over to Eventbrite’s …
Female 2: I have a question about this one …
Ken Tucker: Just to mark a task complete, couple of other things I guess, you just click it to check it and that makes it complete. The other thing is if you had a task that was out of order or you wanted to kind of prioritize a task, you just drag it over here, you grab it in this little grid area and drop it and it helps you organize your tasks so make maybe a better flow.
Male 1: You do have to be careful because if you move like the section header, you have to make sure that you get all of the underlying tasks with it.
Ken Tucker: Right.
Male 1: You can move each one of those independently.
Ken Tucker: That’s correct. You can actually, one other thing and then Beth I’ll answer your question. You can highlight several tasks and set them all to be the same due date by highlighting them and assigning them so you can say let’s make these all due here and let’s assign then some to me. I did all three of those tasks at the same time. Just the help for this is really good. They’ve got a lot of video help, they’ve got just a lot of guidance and I actually use it, and this is a project management system that I encourage people at the class that I thought at the Community College on web development to use this tool because it’s available for free and it’s super easy for people to get started using.
Female 2: You said that followers get notifications. How do those notifications come? By email, by text messages?
Ken Tucker: By email and if they have the app on their phone they’ll get an in app notification. Pretty standard stuff.
Male 1: It reminds me every day I haven’t got yesterday’s stuff done.
Ken Tucker: Yes. It will remind you. It is set up so to …
Male 2: It sends it to my email too.
Ken Tucker: … remind you that you haven’t got tasks done or it will send a reminder of here’s …
Male 2: When it shows up in my email, I can delete it.
Ken Tucker: … task that you’re supposed to be doing and some things like that so it’s pretty cool.
Now let’s hop over to Eventbrite and talk a little about it. I just created a historic human event, something I’m kind of toying with. Maybe doing an NCO seminar or webinar. In this case I’ve decided I’ve never tried to use Eventbrite to set up an online event so how would this work. I selected it was an online event. If I was going to be doing it at a physical location over here I can actually put in the location and it will actually display a map of where that’s located. You can set the starting/stopping times, you can have an event image and then you can have a description of the event and so I was just kind of creating this on the fly this morning.
I’ve got it set up where I’ve got an organization that I’ve created under my user account for my company. In this case, the company is the organizer. When you create your event page you can make it really easy for people to find your social media, Facebook and Twitter specifically. Now you can come in and you can create as many different types of tickets as you want. You can have a free ticket, which is what this is. If I wanted to add a paid ticket and maybe say webinar plus consults, maybe I can say that I’m only going to do 10 of those and I’ll charge $10.
If I click on this gear, I can describe this ticket and I can say here’s the type of consultation that you get. I would show that description on the page, so I’d probably go ahead and click that. You can choose to pass on our absorb the fees and you can specify how long the tickets are available for so you sell the tickets right up until the event happens or you can stop it 7 days before the event or 24 hours before the event. You have complete control over that. You can display how many tickets are still available if that’s a social proof element that might be important if you want to show people it’s getting sold out, go ahead and buy your tickets now. You can do that. I don’t know about adding group, I’ve never actually done that.
Then you set up your payment. You can integrate it to go directly in to your bank account on the back end. That’s something that I probably won’t have an opportunity to get to today. Then you can specify the type of event that it is. There are a variety of these that you can choose from so festival or fair, if you were having Pokemon competition or something like that. I guess you could create that. We have the Chamber that puts on a Firecracker Run 4th of July so you could actually use this and I think the Chamber has used this the last couple of years for … No. They haven’t actually used it for the Santa Run. They actually worked with the running companies to do that. They actually use if for Sip and Savor for ticketing.
Male 1: We did a launch environment. We put it out here, but Great Southern Bank and us sponsored it and they wanted to be in control of the notifications and following up with people so we did it in our account and we actually set the email address that it goes to the lady at Great Southern Bank so that they got all of the notifications.
Ken Tucker: Okay.
Male 1: So you can really customize a lot.
Ken Tucker: Yes. This is just to create the description of the event. Now you can come in here and you can design the way it looks and I’m not going to spend a lot of time on that, but you can play around with that.
The management side of things is what I really wanted to show you. Just spend a couple minutes here. Since I haven’t published it I don’t have these features available to me, but you can publish this to your Facebook page. You can actually create your event in Eventbrite to publish a Facebook event and it will create an actual custom tab on your Facebook page so that you’ve got your ticketing automatically integrated in. You can also take an existing Facebook event and point it to the URL for your event page on Eventbrite if you’ve already created your Facebook event as a place where people can go get their tickets. You can do it one of two ways.
This is the integration with Mail Chimp. I know for a fact that it integrates really well with Mail Chimp. It probably integrates with some other email marketing systems as well. I don’t want to make my event live yet because I haven’t actually set the dates or made any official plans, but once you launch this event you can actually see how many tickets you’ve sold, you can send reminders to people and you can automate this so you can say two days before the event send a reminder to everybody who’s bought a ticket to remind them that their event is coming up.
You have The Winery, is that right? So if you were doing an event out at The Winery you could use Eventbrite to organize a lot of …
Female 3: We do use that.
Ken Tucker: Okay perfect. Yes. Then you can, like I said, you actually have an app on your phone or tablet that you can use to actually check people in if you were worried about collecting tickets because you sold the maximum number of tickets. Pretty cool, pretty cool features. That’s really all I had. You guys have any questions or want to ask a techie about any particular topic at this point?


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