August 30

How to Succeed in a Micro-Moments World


Do you know where your smart phone is? If you’re like most of today’s consumers, it’s right by your side, whether you’re at your desk at work, traveling in your car or at home. Mobile phones have become a staple for many of us, and we use them more today than ever for research, shopping, finding places to go, ordering food—almost everything you want to find is at your fingertips through mobile devices.

High-speed broadband, WiFi connections, and faster, smarter devices are now the universal standards. A small-screen computer is within constant reach, and mobile users—over 220 million in the U.S. alone—are the leading target.

This age of mobile search is described by Google as “micro-moments”. This concept was introduced two years ago; the basics behind it consisting of four decision points:

  1. I-want-to-know moments: Performing online research but not ready to buy.
  2. I-want-to-go moments: Finding local services or products (closer to purchase).
  3. I-want-to-do moments: Needing help performing a task or trying something new.
  4. I-want-to-buy moments: Wanting to buy but needing further input on choices and locations.

The more advanced technology gets, the faster and easier it is to get information we want and need. Micro-moments contribute to this need for instant gratification. And with the more savvy consumer of today, the requirement for personalized information that is tailored to their specific situation and requirements is more important than ever.

Consumer Behaviors

Consumer expectations have increased the need to stay on top of the game. According to Google’s Lisa Gevelber, micro-moments are multiplying at a rapid rate as of July 2017. People expect information to be available right here, right now, and their expectations increase the more they get. Gevelber and her team did a study that reveals three types of consumer behavior evolving around the micro-moments philosophy.

The “Well-Advised” Consumer

Consumers are using their phones to research and get information that they need to make good decisions. Mobile searches for the “best” of something are growing at a rate of 80% over the past two years. And not just for large, more expensive items, like purchasing a car or looking for their next computer. Even minor purchases are being researched before buying, because it’s easy and quick to do so.

The “Right Here” Consumer

Remember when you needed to include the location (city, zip, or “near me”) when doing a search, even if you were looking for something locally? Now your browser knows where you’re located, so your search results default to your surrounding area. Consumers now expect this feature and assume their mobile devices inherently know where they’re located, therefore providing information specifically for that area.

The “Right Now” Consumer

Remember the days when you’d need to call days ahead for a reservation at a restaurant or hotel? In today’s micro-moments world, last minute bookings are more the norm. It’s much more likely for a smartphone user to expect immediate results for last-minute needs and also more likely to purchase.

Get on the Micro-Moments Bandwagon

“Today’s battle for hearts, minds, and dollars is won (or lost) in micro-moments” Google stresses. Online marketing and advertising travel at computer speed, with “decision-making and preference-shaping throughout the entire consumer journey.”

It’s important to leverage the micro-moments. One way to accomplish that is to produce the right kind of content. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that your consumer’s experience is as easy and smooth as possible.

Focus on creating a positive mobile experience for your brand. Look to streamline the online process to the consumer. Eliminate unnecessary steps and expedite downloads. Don’t make users work too hard to get what they want and need. Make information readily accessible on your site. Bottom line: keep it simple and quick or they’ll lose interest and go somewhere else!


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