May 23

3 Ways Your Business Can Use LinkedIn

Social media can be tricky for businesses, but few confuse people more than LinkedIn.  The business-oriented social media network, which is used heavily by executives from large companies, is easy to overlook as a tool for small businesses.  Effective targeting and compelling content can connect you with strong referral sources and influential experts in your field.

Visibility in Your Field

LinkedIn groups are some of the most effective forums to network with people in similar fields and demonstrate your expertise.  A quick search will lead to groups operating in almost any industry, and though there will be some competitors in these groups, you are more likely to find strong referral opportunities.  For instance, a group of lawyers may be able to refer business to somebody practicing in a specific subfield.  This will be especially true after the group members have demonstrated expertise and built trust with each other through group discussions.  It takes time and commitment to do this, but the networks built through LinkedIn groups can go along way toward growing your business. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to engage people in your network with compelling content, which will further bolster your credibility

Larger Networks for Potential Referrals

In addition to the power of groups, a larger following on LinkedIn will give you greater visibility and introduce you to an even larger group of potential connections.  When you connect with another member, you are more visible to their network – as more and more people see you, your business will have an expanded audience and be more likely to connect with potential customers.

Easy Introductions

In addition to giving you more visibility, mutual connections give you the opportunity to ask for introductions to members of their network.  If you are seeking an introduction and see a mutual connection, LinkedIn gives you the ability to seek out that connection and make easy introductions.  Once you


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