January 2

Frustrated With Your Website?

Need more traffic and more leads? Being found online is critical for most businesses today. Get a complimentary SEO Report Card and website design consultation today.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way in which people find, discover, share, shop and connect. If you are frustrated with your website, what should you consider to make it better?

Obviously, one of the first considerations is the impression it makes on your site visitors.  Does it portray the image that you want to convey?  Does it make a favorable impression?

In addition to the user experience of your site, many businesses get frustrated because their website is not an effective lead generation machine.

Your website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being found by potential customers.  No doubt your website is critical – it’s your online hub – but there are really four main things that you need to have in place to help turn your website into a lead generation machine. These are:

Increase Traffic – Most businesses need to increase traffic to their website.  The most effective way to do this is to create content.

Having an effective content creation strategy is critical to search engine optimization.  The more content you have, the more opportunity you give search engines to find your website.

The best ways to increase traffic to your website are: implement a content management system website, write blog posts, do search engine optimization, use social media, and execute pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Getting visitors to do something – Increased traffic to your website isn’t very meaningful if people never contact you.  In order to get your website visitors become leads, you need to create custom landing pages with a call to action, which is asking them to do something like sign up to receive offers and promotions,  downloads, etc. — Generate leads!

By using Landing Pages, Calls to Action, and providing Offers, you can convert website visitors into leads.

Lead Nurturing – For many businesses the sales cycle can take weeks or months.  Even for a restaurant where a prospective customer has signed up to receive you weekly specials, it might take them months before the come to the restaurant and become a customer.

Lead Nurturing includes using email and text marketing, social media, and premium offers to get leads to turn into customers.  Typically it is only in the last third of the buying cycle when people want to engage.

Measure and Improve – The web is very accountable. By having analytics that allow you to measure all aspects of your online marketing efforts, you can quickly measure, test and improve effectiveness and assess your return on investment.

Changescape Web can help your business build the right website and then develop an effective online marketing strategy to increase website visitors and to turn them into leads and customers.  Let’s start with a complimentary Signature Brand Audit.


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