December 22

Why Duct Tape Marketing?


What is Duct Tape Marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing was created by small business marketing guru John Jantsch.  It is a small business marketing system that is practical.  It focuses on two critical components that are often overlooked by many businesses – Strategy and System.

Strategy + System

Strategy is the one of the most important parts of marketing.  It includes identifying your target market, develops your core message, truly differentiates you in the marketplace, and drives implementation of marketing tactics and campaigns.

Having a marketing system in place is equally important, yet too often businesses chase the latest shiny object, or do things in isolation.  Without coordination and integration across campaigns and in concert with strategy it’s hard to achieve amplification and drive results.

I come from a software engineering background.  I worked on large, complex systems for the Department of Defense.  These systems were mission critical – meaning that people’s lives were at stake if the software failed.  You better believe that we had a system in place for developing software!

Systems provide a repeatable and managed approach and a set of processes, with a common language across the organization.  Sure there is a cost to implement a system, but the results pay off big time.  After the initial adoption of the system, you can become more efficient, improve quality, and optimize performance.  We have systems in place for many parts of our business, yet for many businesses there no marketing system.

Why Duct Tape Marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing is a proven system.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Instead, by implementing the Duct Tape Marketing system you can focus on the things that are important for your business.  It puts strategy first, incorporates industry trends and best practices, and stays up to date with the tools and technology.

The Duct Tape Marketing System is comprehensive.  It covers strategy, content creation, online presence, advertising, lead generation and lead nurturing, referrals, public relations, measurement and optimization.

The World has Changed… Marketing has changed.  Your potential customers have more control than ever on the buying cycle.  There are technologies in place that block traditional marketing and advertising.  No matter who you ideal client is they will likely check out your business online.  Duct Tape Marketing has created the Marketing Hourglass to focus on the total customer experience – Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, and Refer.

At Changescape Web, we’ve been able to help our customers with strategy and marketing campaigns.  But we’ve never been able to provide an easy to adopt marketing system.  Until now!  The Duct Tape Marketing System brings our services to a whole new level… more thorough and with better tools.

Out with the Funnel and In with the Hourglass

Most small businesses we know don’t have the money or the appetite to try to generate as many leads as possible into their sales funnel and squeeze out a few as customers.  The Marketing Hourglass focuses instead on the total customer experience.  Creating content that educates and builds trust, allowing customers to try your business through free (ebooks, trial periods, etc.) or low cost low risk programs.  Easing the buying experience and bringing on a new customer.  These all tie in to the refer-ability of your business.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about what Changescape Web and the Duct Tape Marketing System can do for you?  The first thing we recommend is to sign up for a Signature Brand Audit.  Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll contact you to arrange a 30 minute free consultation with 3 recommendations on things you can improve.



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